Pet Tags

Does your pet tag help you find your lost pet?

If you have pets, you understand what it is like to worry about them. You make sure that they go to the vet regularly. You buy them the best food. You have an entire basket full of toys for your pet to play with. But what about their pet tag?

Pet tags can be used to properly identify a lost pet.

You might not have given a lot of thought to the pet tag that you have selected for your furry family member. This is totally understandable. As long as the pet tag has your pet’s name and your phone number, everything is okay—right? You can do better for your pet than this!

PAWtechnologies offers you the opportunity to protect your pet and ensure their return to your home. PAWtechnologies provides a number of services and amenities to help you if your pet goes missing, including a glow in the dark id for pets.

Why should you register your pet with PAWtechnologies and get one of these glow in the dark ID tags?

Consider the startling statistics about what happens when pets are lost or run away. Fewer than 3% of cats are returned to their owners, and fewer than 20% of dogs are reunited with their owners. Don’t let your beloved pet become one of these statistics!

PAWtechnologies offers you the ability to protect your pet for $39.97 a year. If you subscribe to this service, you will receive a branded glow in the dark ID for your pet that contains your pet’s name and your phone number. Additionally, this service provides a guaranteed intelligent alert notification if your pet goes missing. This is like an Amber alert for your pet.

Some companies offer similar services. However, PAWtechnologies is unique because it provides subscribers with glow in the dark id for their pets. These ID tags are a great idea for any pet owner who is concerned about a pet’s safety.

Glow in the dark ID tags help increase your pet’s visibility, if he or she is lost at night or gone for multiple nights.

Glow in the dark ID tags also help pets who are not lost—and they can also help you stay safe! These pet tags are large enough that they will help drivers see your pet if you are out with them at night, which will help you and your pet stay safe during your evening walks.

In addition to keeping your pet safe, PAWtechnologies keeps your bank account safe. Our services do not have any hidden fees, and each plan we offer has unlimited use. We understand that some pets are escape artists! We want your family to be protected during the entire time you subscribe to our service.

Your pet is your loyal companion. The right pet tag can ensure that you will get them back.

Register today for a for a glow in the dark ID today, and for the intelligent alert that will distribute your missing pet’s information to pet shelters, rescues, and clinics. Visit today.



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