PAWtechnologies is Fast, Easy and Proven to Work!

90% of reunited pets make it home because of word of mouth, and PAWtechnologies is the largest missing pets word of mouth network.

Curious on how PAWtechnologies works? It’s simple: Register, Report, Reunite! 

When you register your pet with us, you’ll upload a clear picture of your furry friend, along with your contact information, and your pet’s needs info, medication, as well as unique characteristics that will help identify your pet. No scrambling for a recent photo when you’re frantic about your pet being lost or missing.

As soon as you report your missing pet, PAWtechnologies creates a PDF flyer and circulates it to thousands of outlets, including veterinary offices, shelters, and animal rescues units in and around the area where your pet was last seen. You will have INSTANT access to this flyer, and you can easily distribute it via text message, email, and using social media.

Nine out of ten animals are reunited through word of mouth, and because PAWtechnologies helps you alert as many people as possible, this system dramatically improves the chances that you’ll be reunited with your pet. No wasting time creating flyers, calling shelters, and bombarding neighbors because PAWtechnologies does the work for you!