Find Lost Dogs

Find Lost Dogs

What you need to know if your dog is lost

Has your dog ever run out of the house? Did your dog go missing for any length of time? If you answered, Yes, you remember the first night of missing your dog… looking around your neighborhood late into the night, calling your dog’s name, searching under porches, berating yourself for leaving the garage door open or forgetting to fix a hole in the fence, etc.

When you’re trying to find your lost dog, you may wonder what made your dog run away in the first place and how other people find lost dogs.

Where do lost dogs go?

If your dog has run away, reasons range from benign to innocent carelessness. Your dog could have simply been bored or, if you’re not home often, your dog may have felt lonely. If your dog is not spayed or neutered, he or she may have broken out to get lucky.

Sometimes moving to a new place can spook an animal into wanting to find his or her previously familiar surroundings. If something has happened in the home or outside to frighten the dog, he or she may have gone to hide someplace where he or she feels safe.

Where lost dogs end up may depend on the dog’s age and capabilities. A large, youthful dog might get as far as 5 or more miles while a smaller or older dog may only make it as far as half a mile. Friendlier dogs might seek out a neighbor he or she likes. Shyer pups may seek out a place they can find food and shelter. The good news is most lost dogs which were returned to their owners were found within a two-mile radius of where they live.

What is the best way to find lost dogs?

Considering most dogs only run so far, the more eyes you have searching for your animal, the better your chances at bringing your furry friend home. 90% of lost dogs who make it back home were found thanks to word of mouth. While it’s smart to tell people you know, it’s even smarter to find a way to alert strangers. There are so many people in your community who can look for lost dogs so long as they know he or she is missing. Contractors mowing lawns, mail carriers, delivery workers, local animal shelters, and neighbors you have yet to meet all have the advantage of being in places you may not have checked. Prominent posters throughout your community will help spread the word.

Your next line of defense is to make sure you have up-to-date information on a dog tag hanging from your dog’s collar. Providing your phone number on the tag increases the likelihood you will hear from someone who has found your lost dog. As long as your dog’s tag isn’t broken or discarded when he or she goes missing, taking the time to make sure the information on the tag is readable and accurate may be the key to find your lost dog.

Paw Technologies has developed one of the best methods to find lost dogs

Paw Technologies has combined the low tech solution of creating a flyer pdf with clients at the onset of signing up with the high tech solution of sending your alert to even more members of your community than you already know. We will alert animal shelters, veterinarian offices, and animal rescue organizations while you post your premade flyer in your neighborhood AND send it out digitally to everyone you know on social media (who may, in turn, tell everyone they know). We offer a service with just the alert system, or, we also will create a special glow-in-the-dark tag to improve visibility of your lost dog wandering at night to include your pet’s name and your current phone number. We know how devastating losing a beloved pet can be and we’re dedicated to delivering the best options to find lost dogs and cats.


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