Why Choose PAWtechnologies when your pet goes missing?

  • What we give $99++ cost with our competitors.
  • We don’t bait and switch.
  • UNLIMITED uses until your best friend is found!
  • Our competitors will charge you extra if you use it again – WE DON’T.
  • We give you full control unlike our competitors.
  • We are the ONLY alert service that shares it with you via text, email, social media and print.
  • We are the MOST comprehensive.
  • We do as much as every company plus MORE.
  • With you can take a more active toll alerting.

Fortunately, you can help protect your pet today! For just $39.97 with Tag or $34.97 without Tag per pet, per year, PAWtechnologies can help reunite you with your lost pet .

PAWtechnologies is different from all the other companies because we understand that time is of the essences and reuniting you and your best friend as soon as possible is very important. We can help you get the word out in seconds about your missing pet. Hundreds of animal clinics, vets, rescues and shelters would be notified and to be on alert if someone were to bring in your missing pet. Sending them your missing pet flyer will help cover as much area as needed and you wouldn’t have to waste precious time calling or visiting each place. There is no hidden fee when registering for our service, one-time fee for a one-year membership.

Having our service is very important because the moment your pet goes missing it would take no less than 5 minutes to create a missing pet flyer and at the push of a button that flyer will notify hundreds of vets, clinics, shelters, and clinics in a 25-50mile radius of the last place your pet was last seen in seconds. You’ll be able to share the intelligent alert flyer with your contacts via text and email, and hundreds of people will be able to see it once you share it via Facebook and 80 other different social media platforms all in the matter of seconds by a single click of a button. We want to make sure that you feel empowered when it comes to finding your missing pet. Don’t waste precious time making a flyer and take action NOW.

Read these startling statistics regarding lost pets:

  • Millions of Pets are lost each and every year.
  • Fewer than 3% of cats are returned to their owners.
  • Fewer than 20% of dogs are reunited with their owners.
  • The remaining lost pets become trapped in the shelter system, adopted to other families, or sadly, euthanized when the shelter or animal control has no room for them.
  • Over 8 million pets are euthanized each and every year.
  • Up to 90% of pets are found through word of mouth, and using eyes and ears.