Pet Owners Mistakes

4 Common Mistakes Pet Owners Make When They Have A Lost Dog

Pet Owners Mistakes. If you have a dog, you probably love your pet like a member of your family, so, it’s hard to think about making a plan for your dog to go missing. It’s almost as uncomfortable as setting up a will as though preparing for the worst invites it to visit!

Set that discomfort aside for just a half an hour to get a plan in place and put yourself and your dog in the best position possible to reunite if your dog is ever lost.

 If you have a lost dog, avoid the mistakes below.

Moving on too quickly:

Many people are very upset and, therefore, frantic, when searching for a lost dog. This is completely understandable, but, you might be hurting your chances of finding your dog by moving on too quickly from your starting location. If your dog has heard you calling from a distance, you need to stay put to give your dog a chance to find you. If you’ve moved on too quickly, you’re a moving target and your dog will have trouble locating you.

Expecting a lost dog to come when called:

There are a lot of upsetting reasons why your lost dog might not come to you when you call his or her name. If your dog is injured or exhausted, he or she may be very close by, but, unable to move. Don’t just call out – take a very good look around yards, under porches, and into nooks and crannies.

Assuming your lost dog is nearby:

Dogs can cover more ground than you might think. They don’t follow the straight lines of roads and do not see the world in a segmented, human structure. They also do not necessarily know the way you take when you drive or walk them to their favorite places – try other paths, look into places you would not drive or go in directions you might not normally take to search for your lost dog.

Thinking a lost dog sits still:

If your dog is lost, he or she is on the move. No longer in the secure environment of home, your lost dog must look for food, shelter, and places to hide from perceived threats. A lost dog will rarely, if ever, stay in one place waiting for you to find him or her.

Paw Technologies can help you find your lost dog

Paw Technologies will help you form the largest search party you could ever put together on your own. Paw Technologies offers you the chance to enter your dog’s information onto a pre-made flyer so that, in the event you should ever find your dog is lost, you can print it and place it all over your neighbor (and share it to Facebook). While you’re sharing the information with everyone you know, Paw Technologies will send your flyer to all the animal shelters and rescue organizations within a 50 mile radius of your home. Paw Technologies knows your dog won’t stay in one place and that’s why we’ve designed a way to get as many eyes searching for your lost dog as possible.



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